Jay Nygard

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/jay.nygard

Email: jaynygard@yahoo.com

I have lived my entire life in the Orono-Minnetonka area, with the exception of my US Navy nuclear service career, with an engineering degree from U of M. My wife Kendall and I have two children. I am a green energy pioneer, engineer, and entrepreneur. I have served on city council and now seek to serve as MN Senator District 33.

You can easily find my story, but it forced me to become more active to protect your rights. Having your liberty taken and your right to self reliance stolen should not be what government does. To be jailed for safe innovation and free choice, with a biased judgment on a complaint, is not justice when no specific law exists.  I aim to fix that.

I promote self-sustaining self-created green energy solutions.  I promote private sector and individual solutions to all challenges we face. I am not obliged to any special interests. I will defend what is right until they carry me away.