We have spoken to hundreds of candidates, party volunteers, leaders, and activists this last month. When asking them how our leadership could help improve their experiences as we prepare for a national campaign, a common thread emerged. 

Many feel that if the fastest growing party in America is capable of competing on a national level, immediate improvements are needed to infrastructure, communication, and access to tools and resources. 

Candidates and party leaders wanted to know if others also felt uncomfortable writing a savvy and effective press release. Were they the only leaders uncertain when approaching potential donors, addressing a crowd, or speaking to journalists? Many also did not want promises. They wanted action and execution.

John McAfee wants to empower the Libertarian Party. His sincerity attracts a diverse, talented, and energetic team of libertarians from all walks of life and professions. We are not paid consultants. We don't have big budgets, but we're all genuinely dedicated to developing long-term relationships with fellow activists, candidates, and leaders working on the ground to help even more.  

As a leader, activist, or member of your local or state party, you have valuable insight. We are all here because we love liberty. Together, we will be unstoppable. Help our team understand how we can best empower and support our fellow Libertarians now. 

Thank you to all of the candidates and party leaders that helped shape this survey.


Results of the survey series will be shared with the community while protecting the privacy of participants. The results will help the community further develop tools, resources, and training to grow the Party from within.

Update 5/10/16: VoteDifferent survey will officially launch today. But based on initial feedback from you, we are preparing the first suite of meaningful tools. Among them, three photographers on our team are brainstorming a guide to help candidates take more professional campaign photos. Our volunteers with Internet marketing experience are collaborating on a webinar, "Five Minutes: Facebook Ads and $20".